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Your First Visit: What to Expect

During the initial evaluation/consultation session, I will meet with you to discuss your presenting concerns and whether or not you would like to establish a treatment relationship. The first visit is called an intake. Here we listen and assess your symptoms, then we diagnosis and review a plan.


The first visit is one hour. After this we follow up as needed. These are called follow up appointments and they last 30 minutes. At these visits we assess your current symptoms, sleep, side effect and current stressor.


When necessary, your provider may order labs, sleep studies, or other types of tests such as neuropsychological or psychological testing. Based on your individual goals, we may also discuss diet (including vitamins and supplements, caffeine, alcohol, and other substances), exercise, and how you spend your leisure time.

Miles Med Management - Lisa Miles


  • Insurance card

  • Prescription medication bottles

  • List of the supplements and over-the-counter medications that you take

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